Magnetic Lash Wholesale
Magnetic Lash Wholesale
Magnetic Lash Wholesale
Magnetic Lash Wholesale

Magnetic Lash Wholesale

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Our Magnetic Lash Set is the ultimate Pack to sell to your clients. 

It is combined of 2 pairs of High Quality Silk Lashes with 2 very different looks. One for all day, everyday Natural look - to give your lashes those long full lashes they wish they were born with. As well as one pair for a more Dramatic look for that special occasion or night out - or all day, every day if you're feeling spunky!  The set also includes a bottle of our Original Magnetic Eyeliner. The world's first smooth strip magnetic liner. No chunks, no mess. Easy to use for those who are seasoned eyeliner users, and those who aren't. Glides on to create a smooth magnetic strip for your new lashes to adhere too. 

Our Starter Pack includes 15 Packs of our Magnetic Lashes. These are to Retail at $49.95.

If you are already a Stockist with Fab Brows, there is only a 5 piece minimum order to begin. Contact us for your new Discount Code to place your order.

Due to the recent Covid-19 isolation rules, we are offering Drop Shipping at no additional charge once your are a Stockist with us. This is to assist out Stokists with conactless delivery.  Inquire within. 


Directions :

  • Shake the tube of liner
  • Apply 2 coats of liner for 6 hour wear or 3 coats of liner for 12 hour wear allowing liner to completely dry in between. The line must be the width of the magnets on the lashes.
  • The lashes can be trimmed if necessary. Apply all the way to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Clean with soapy water or makeup remover. 
  • Repeat daily! 


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